silent doesnt mean im giving up
It been age i am not writing this blog. I am not a writer. I hate writing and never been good at it. I write when i feel lost, helpless and weak. Haih. heh. it takes another 2 years n half to complete my deg. haih. cant wait!.

I have prepared the assignment given for days, my slides are in perfect orders and i have mentally rehearsed every question that might come at me. The title is all about the turbine engine, how many types,how it works, how to troubleshoot and compartment involve basically is all about maintenance. But the minute i step out in front of my friends, lecturers and engineers, everything was like urghhhhh my mouth goes dry, knees tremble, and i can barely stammer out a sentence.
I was like not ready for my presentation in fact i worked until late night just to finish that fucking slide which i don't like to do it. Its really not like what i expected, i was mumbling and i just nasib baik when i can answer the questions they asked. Presentation like this is almost same to public speaking, where you have to stand alone on your feet in front of audience. If you are not ready u gonna be like what i have done for my presentation, bored the audience and fail to get the message across. haih. Never mind i done my part already and i take this as a part of learning. It just like an accomplished singer or musician a good presenter is about practice, practice and practice. Stand up and do it. kamu kan hebat ainudin irshad.hehe

wheres ur balls ??
Come on nod, have the balls to confess, no more camouflage, be exposed. Man Up!!!
damn damn, how i am gonna tell her when she already with somebody else. ???
I suppose not to see her the other day because i know this feeling might happen again, i cant get over you.... Not saying i just limit myself to this one girl when there are tons out there but shes different. kamu saja yang saya mahu. heh. remember nod, if you dont shoot, you dont hit!!

i should move a step when there is a chance,
But many were the times I felt those words,
those simple words could not be found,
what can i do?
The words have all been written,
There's nothing left to say,
The dreams are only memories,
but times will come,
ill say it to you.

damn ah.

our pertandingan debat ikim..utp kalah tu jer.penat jer aku bg sokongan tapi hampeh gak ending dier.fini and pet and zainur pon dtg.

(no subject)
Its NOT that i quit
the fight is still ON
times will come

tersangat sangat sangat...
over, its all over.
but there is something made me think.
how u made me grin all times.
its not that i cant get over u..
but my feelings just beyond my control.

memory lost
Ba, sorry about that, im totally forget to finish that things, yeah I should put whatever u ask as a priority one. lain kali xbt lagi lah.

Sometimes we feel lonely if we are single and see our friends with girlfriends or in a long distance relationship, or perhaps you befriend your Ex but what you really wanted was to be together again and miss that time when you were so close and cuddling together, no matter of these, as long as you can endure the obstacles, see the positives in each other and respect one another, make sure you never give up...don’t worry about the guys that get every girls, just go for the one you really want most and work things out together and you will have real happiness, you will win real love, not lust with meaningless countless girlfriends....and try not to let any other guys get in your way, if you truly love her, you cant let that obnoxious girlhogger take her away, just don’t get obsessive with it, tell her how you feel in a respectful way and say how you think its rite that you two should stay...yeah struggle is the way to survival.

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